How IRCPics and collecting images work?

Images are collected by anyone who wants to do so and from whichever channels you desire. I hacked a working client for mIRC, links are below.
A client for eggdrop is now available.

NOTICE: If you put a dot "." before an URL it is skipped (f.ex. .

Download client for Eggdrop: download. Instructions are in the script.

Download client for mIRC: download and copy&paste it into your mIRC script section or download the ini file from HERE. This should be put to your script directory and loaded from there using: /load -rs ircpics-client-mirc.ini

Download client for irssi: download or follow the instructions below.

First go to your shell and into your homedirectory, and type in the following:

mkdir .irssi/scripts
mkdir .irssi/scripts/autorun
cd .irssi/scripts/autorun

Then launch irssi and run the following commands:

/load perl
/load autorun/

Now you have ircpics client loaded into your irssi. Next step is to define the channels you want to be monitored by the client and save the settings:

/set ircpics_channels_allow #channel1@*,#channel2@*,#channel3@*

You are now logging channels. There are also other commands that can be used to deny some channels or nicks from sending image links, this can be done using the following commands:

/set ircpics_channels_deny #channel4@*,#channel5@*,#channel6@*
/set ircpics_nicks_deny nick1,nick2